Mesh Spreadsheet

A free, portable spreadsheet program

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Example: loan calculator

What is Mesh?

Mesh is a JavaScript code editor that feels like a spreadsheet.

It runs in a browser (but doesn't require internet) and can be carried with you on a USB. It:

Mesh is really a 'user experience' layer on top of the JavaScript that's built into browsers.

How do I use Mesh?

Download it here or try it out here (takes a couple of seconds to load). Here's the user guide.

Mesh emphasises structured data (arrays, tables, etc) more than Excel and Google Sheets, which can take getting used to.

Why may I want to use Mesh instead of...

Excel or Google Docs?

Aside from being free, with Mesh you can:

Libre Office?

Mesh fits into <1MB, so it has a much smaller download size. Also, it has a different feature mix.

I'd like to think that Mesh's code base is small enough that anyone can read it and be ready to contribute within an hour or two.

A 'real' programming language?

You can write real programs in a spreadsheet! For example, here's what Mesh's own code looks like.

Writing code in a spreadsheet format provides you with immediate feedback and lets you lay out your program on a 2D canvas. I highly recommend trying it.